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22/08/11 Tournée 2011 Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour   Europe
Australie Tour George Michael Live Perth
12/12/2009 Show TV X Factor Londres UK
1/12/2008 Concert avec Alicia Keys Live in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
5/2008 Show TV American Idol' Final Los Angeles USA
30/8/2008 The Final One  25 Live Copenhague Danemark
24&25/8/08 The Final two  Earls Court  - 25 live Londres UK
17/6/2008 Tournée 2008 25 Live Tour US   USA
5/12/2007 Concert caritatif Cipriani's UNICEF Manhattan New York USA
12/5/2007 Tournée 2007 25 Live Summer Tour   Europe
23/9/2006 Tournée 2006 25 Live Tour   Europe
2/7/2005 Concert caritatif LIVE 8  Hyde Park Londres
12/2004 Interview Sold On Song BBC Radio 2 Londres
28/2/2003 Show TV The Graham Norton Show Londres UK
6/6/2000 Concert caritatif Pavarotti and Friends Modena Italie
29/4/2000 Concert caritatif Equality  Rocks Washington USA
28/11/1999 Concert caritatif Stonewall concert Royal Albert Hall Londres
9/10/1999 Concert caritatif NETAID Wembley stadium Londres
10/4/1999 Concert caritatif here, There, Everywhere
A Concert For Linda
Royal Albert Hall Londres
10/4/1997 Show TV VH1 Honors Benefit Universal amphitheatre Los Angeles
14/11/1996 Show TV MTV Music Awards europe Londres UK 
11/10/1996 Concert TV MTV  Unplugged Three Mills Island studio 8 Londres
8/10/1996 Concert Radio BBC Unplugged Warm Up BBC Radio Theatre Londres
1995 Concert-Elton John Made In England Tour   UK
19/1/1995 concert Commitment to Life VIII Universal amphitheatre Los Angeles
24/11/1994 Show TV MTV music awards europe Pariser Platz Berlin
1/12/1994 Concert caritatif Aids Benefit concert
Royal Albert Hall Londres
1/12/1993 concert caritatif concert of Hope Wembley Arena Londres
2/3/1993 Concert caritatif Sting's Amazon
Rainforest benefit
Carnegie Hall New York
11/10/1992 Concert caritatif Elizabeth Taylor concert Madison square garden New york
29/8/1992 Concert-Elton John The One Tour Dodger stadium Los Angeles
20/4/1992 Concert caritatif Freddie Mercury Tribute Wembley stadium Londres
25et26/1/91 Concert Rock in Rio - Maracanã Rio de Janeiro Bresil
15/1/1991 Tournée Cover to Cover   USA et UK
11/6/1988 Concert caritatif Nelson Mandela Tribute Wembley stadium Londres
19/2/1988/89 Tournée Faith Tour   Mondiale
1/4/1987 Concert The Party Wembley stadium Londres
20/6/1986 Concert Princes Trust Wembley stadium Londres
13/7/1985 Concert caritatif Live Aid Wembley stadium Londres
6/12/1985 Concert Paul Young Christmas Tour Wembley stadium Londres
4/5/1985 show TV Motown Returns To  Apollo Harlem's Apollo Theatre New York

X Factor - 2009 1-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
2-December Song
1- Joe McElderry
American Idol' Final - 2008 1-Praying For Time  
Cipriani's UNICEF concert - 2007 1-The First Time ever I saw your face
2-Praying For Time
3-Jesus to a child
4-A Different Corner
5-The Long and winding Road
Live 8 - 2005 1-Drive My Car Paul McCartney
Sold On Song - 2004 1-Edith And The Kingpin
2-For The Love Of You
3-Praying For Time
The Graham Norton Show - 2003 1- The Grave  
Pavarotti and Friends-2000 1-Brother can you spare a dime
2-Don't let the sun go down on me

2-Luciano Pavarotti
Equality rocks - 2000 1-Father Figure
2-Fast Love
3-I remember you

4-Garth Brooks
Stonewall concert - 1999 1-My baby just cares for me
2-I remember you
NETAID - 1999 1-Fast Love
3-Father Figure
4-Brother can you spare a dime
Concert For Linda - 1999 1-Eleonor Rigby
2-The long and winding road
VH-1 Honors Benefit - 1997 1-Living for the city Stevie Wonder
MTV music awards - 1996  1-Star People  
MTV Unplugged - 1996 1-Freedom'90
3-I can't make you love me
4-Father Figure
5-You Have been loved
6-Everything she wants
7-Praying for time 
8-Star People
BBC unplugged Warm Up - 1996 1-Everything she wants
2-You have been loved
4-Praying for time
5-I can't make you love me
7-father Figure
8-The Strangest thing
9-Star People 
Made In England Tour - 1995 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Elton John
Commitment to Life - 1995 1-Don't let the sun go down on me
2-Baby can I hold you tonight
1-Elton John
MTV music awards berlin - 1994 1- Freedom'90
2-Jesus to a child
Aids Benefit Concert - 1994 1-someone saved my life tonight
2-Don't let the sun go down on me
1-Elton John
2-Elton John
Concert of Hope - 1993 1-Father Figure
2- Killer/Papa was a rollin' stone
3-One more try
5-Love's in need of love today
Sting's amazon rainforest - 1993 1-Go back/you can't always get what you want
3-We can work it out
4-Every breath you take

Elizabeth taylor concert - 1992 1-Candle in the wind
3-Don't let the sun go down on me

3-Elton John
The One Tour - 1992 1-don't let the sun go down on me Elton John
Freddie Mercury Tribute - 1992 1-39
2-These are the days of our lives
3-Somebody to Love

2-Lisa Stansfield
Rock in Rio 25 janvier - 1991 1-killer/Papa was a rollin' stone
2-Father Figure
4-Ain't no stopping us
5-Calling You
6-Back to life
8-Everything she wants
9-Baby don't change your mind
10-Don't let the sun go down on me
11-Ain't nobody
12-I knew you were waiting for me
13-Careless Whispers
14-I'm your man
Rock in Rio 26 janvier - 1991 1-Father Figure
3-Ain't no stopping us
4-I'm your man
5-Back to life
7-Everything she wants
8-Baby don't change your mind
9-Don't let the sun go down on me
10-Ain't nobody
11-I knew you were waiting for me
12-Careless whispers
Nelson Mandela tribute - 1988 1-Village Ghettoland
2-If you were my woman
3-Sexual Healing
The Party - 1987 1-1.2.3.
2-Love's in need of love today
3-Everything she wants
1-Deon Estus

3-Andrew Ridgeley
Princes trust - 1986 1-Everytime you go away Paul Young
Live Aid - 1985 1-Don't let the sun go down on me Elton John
Christmas Tour - 1985 1- I can't help myself 1-Paul Young
Motown Returns to Apollo - 1985 1-Love's in need of love today
2-Careless Whisper
1-Stevie Wonder
2-Smokey Robinson
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