Nothing Looks The Same in The Light

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Paroles et musique: George Michael &  Andrew Ridgeley

I watch you breathe
I cannot sleep
I touch your hair
I kiss your skin
And hope the morning sun won't wake you too soon
For when you wake
And look at me
You never know

You just might see
Another boy who crept in your room...
Take your time...(that's what you told me)
Take your time...
But I fell head first, and I just don't know what to do

Nothing looks the same in the light
Only a fool like me would take to heart
The things you said you meant last night
Nothing looks the same in the light, I'll keep my feel firm on the ground
Nothing looks the same in the light
There's danger in a stranger
With a warm hand and a kiss so right
Nothing looks the same in the light
It's been a pleasure, see you around...

I watch the sun
Upon the sheets
I hear a car
Out on the street
And gently pull you close
It's over too soon
What can I do, but wait and see
Hold on to you, please stay with me
Because you're the first
And I want to stay here with you


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ah tiens c'est rigolo ça pensais presque être la seule à adorer cette chanson de l'époque WHAM !

et bien tu vois tu n'es pas la seule :-)

l'une de mes préférées de WHAM ... et vous, elle vous plaît cette chanson ? je sais pas

c'est une de mes préférées aussi de cette époque, et je l'écoute encore avec beaucoup de plaisir.